The organization started by the Germany volunteer “Manuel Isabo” in 2010 and he started as a children home as he found a lot of street children looking for someone to take care of them for Love and shelter while he goes to town, he decides to pick some and he take them to school and give them shelter and they called him brother. He lived with them with Harmon and he also helps their families to afford shelter, health services and food, but unfortunately he got an accident in 2015 while he was on day trip with fellow friends from Germany and he got bad injury in his head and he passed while reach to the hospital.

Manuel’s friend Katarina Winterhalder  helped the children home to proceed by keep looking for donors who helped supporting the children home and up to now we are fully registered NGO in Tanzania and we are supporting all the kids Manuel left and their families.

We have the organisation board comprised of six board members lead by the chair lady Manuel’s wife, Grace Victor Kiluwa.

The families with no house we provides them with rental house and food.

We put those who finished their school in training attachment (tailoring).

In 2019 Katarina brought us the soap and cake making project which we involved 23 women and one man. And successful they get the capital from this project and be able to run small businesses though others left the soap making project but they manage to start other business with the same capital they get from the project and now they are self dependent.

Our Board Members

The board of directors of the Umoja na Upendo Community consists of an interdisciplinary team that wants to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged people together!