• who find it difficult or impossible to cover their basic needs themselves
  • who do not receive sufficient or no family support
  • who, due to their low standard of living, have insufficient or no access to health care, educational opportunities, participation in the community etc. to cover their social needs

The focus is particularly on people who belong to the most disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in Tanzanian society. In particular people with physical and mental disabilities, street children, orphans, families with single parents and senior citizens.

Through the projects of the UnUC, children, women and men find support in covering their basic needs (such as food, clothing, accommodation and medical care) and receive access to educational institutions. The focus here is particularly on promoting a self-determined and independent lifestyle, as well as expanding opportunities for participation in society.

Specifically, the project work consists of four components:

  • Support for disadvantaged children and families (children’s house)
  • Community work (Community Empowerment)
  • Educational funding (see our educational sponsorship project )
  • Health services project (health education)
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